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She’s practicing her new power ~ surrender.


She is developing a new muscle called surrender. Far too long, she’s gone on overdrive to plan everything. She believed that if she organised, scheduled and calculated meticulously, she could control outcomes & avoid surprises.  It was the way she took care of her neurosis. This also meant that if she was not perpetually stressed, something was wrong.

Then she began a journey into her own self. By loving, honouring, claiming her body, heart and soul.

That is when she discovered the reality that the universe is her strongest ally. It was her fears, and not her world, that was out to get her.  By giving up the story that her world is unsafe, she’s coming into trust that she is held and cherished by the universe. She no longer predicts her future from a place of fear. 

She is becoming relaxed and confident. She’s in a loving, co-creative relationship with her world. She’s learning that as she relaxes into trust, her longings show themselves to her, and light up her the path. She makes her prayer, offers her sankalpa, and lets it go. She can now wait without despairing. She’s getting an insight into the inner workings of the universe. Her deepest plan already exists. She can begin to see that now, and it is hugely re-assuring.

Synchronicity & easy manifestation is how her world is now. She’s getting used to being pampered by the universe.


She’s ceasing the light & dark war

woman yin yang

Looking for the Artist’s name to give credit

There is no fight left in her. Thank the goddess for that!

The long & futile battle of light & dark has left her exhausted. She’s accepting both light & dark as the inherent gifts of the universe. She’s not in a duelling match with them. The light no longer wishes to ‘reform’ her dark, and her dark no longer wants to ‘control’ the light. She’s stopped playing the duality game.

She’s not being fooled into buying the teaching that there’s something wrong with her that needs fixing, or that she’s got work to do before she’s finally ‘good’. Her divinity is in fully embracing her humanity. All of it. So where’s the imperfection?

The myth that one day light will vanquish the dark and there will be peace would have kept her exhausted & imprisoned. And in the power of the ones who made her belive it. She’s deciding to be at peace right now! Even the light and dark within her are sitting at peace with each other. Game over.

What she’s experiencing in the ceasing of war is an unbelievable tranquillity & peace. Thank goddess she’s relaxing into her own wisdom everyday.

Her dark is the womb of things.

Priestess of the Doorless Temple

bird woman

Queen of Ravens by Milolika

She’s taking the bad out of the word attachment. She does not know any other way to be. How do you tell a tree not to clutch the earth? She had never bought the divide between matter & spirit. Matter matters to her. She has nothing to renounce.
Her god does is not someone she’s never seen and who lives in heaven. Her spirituality is earthy, not lofty. It is succulent, not sanitised. It is rooted, not run- away. She can touch and feel the divine. She feels the pulse and presence of goddess in all matter. Her reverence for life is continuously building.

She’s so often awed at the intricate web of inter-connection that runs through every thing. Sadly, the web is torn and damaged in so many places. Her cords of attachment touch everything.  Right now, you can see she’s busy giving love transfusions to all that is gasping for life.

She could be down on her knees in the mud planting bulbs, or at her laptop doing a tele-summit. Each is transmitting the same thing.

She’s the priestess of the Doorless Temple.

Sukhvinder Sircar

She’s the Medial Woman


Her deep dive into the sacred feminine is opening up fascinating secrets within her.

It is the rule of the universe that it honours one’s deepest intent.

Currently she is on the threshold of a new world. She’s arrived at this place after an arduous journey. She’s now the Priestess of the Portal. It’s a powerful place of creation and new birthing. A sacred intent is forming spontaneously inside her.

She has reached here through a mystical journey into the unknown. Much of her pilgrimage has not made ‘sense’ intellectually. She yet cannot define what she searches, but she gave up her need for answers on the way here. She’s allowing herself to drop deep into and be guided by her dreams, visions, art, music, poetry, silence and resting. Her body is getting ready to step in.

She is aware that Initiations are happening when something moves her deeply (or moves deeply in her). Right now she’s gathering, heeding, paying attention. She knows that in time, the maṇḍala of her new existence will emerge. She’s deepening her awareness.

Composure, fortitude, non-resistance, yielding ~ this is her new wisdom. These power her navigation in the ‘in-between world’ with impeccability.

She’s the Medial Woman.