She’s in a committed relationship with herself


Rapture by ChrissieCool














She’s fully committed to a relationship with herself.

She’s doing it the right way now. She fully belongs to herself before she is committing anywhere else. Happily, that itself is sorting out a lot of things in her life. The more she marries her deepest longing, the more it takes her to a place larger than her.

There are too many things in her world that are wrong, off-balance, and our of integrity. Her new commitment empowers her to take a stand. Her work and voice carry the zing of her new wisdom & response-ability.

Her days of complaining, brooding and blaming are over. Her tolerance for unfairness, manipulation, exploitation is very low. Her clear stand is clearing a lot of nonsense and leakage of energy within her family, in her groups and in the larger community.Her commitment and deep caring is showing up in a new, powerful voice that says ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ with great clarity. She’s tapping deep, unknown spaces within her. Her gaze is penetrating deeper & is more inclusive as she questions the status quo. Her passion for peace, justice and truth is now fuelling her leadership. She’s earning a new respect. All that clear inner space is allowing her to make intelligent choices like never before.

Her self-belief is her new courage of heart. She’s continually choosing the part that is unafraid, even when fear kicks in.Her awakening Shakti charges her transformation.

She is finally inhabiting her imagined new world to give it form on earth. She’s the creatrix.



Daughter of the mighty Mother

Art by Frederic Leighton

Art: Frederic Leighton

She’s reeling in the lessons directly from her Great Mother. No one else can fulfilling her heart’s longing the way SHE can.

She’s disrobing now, stepping out of her old faded, tattered garments. She’s moving away from places and people who do not honour her. Of course it’s difficult and painful to rip off the familiar, these garments have become second skin. And its scary too, cause there are a hundred reasons to stay with it, and maybe only one to let go. Should she listen to this tiny, new, unfamiliar voice?

She’s practicing to recognise that faint whisper amidst the clamour ~ she’s learning that it comes from a different Source.
This Voice, though faint or fleeting, nourishes a tiny spot in her heart ~ her Goddess Spot. A tiny flame, a soft whisper, a barely perceptible fragrance, a fleeting vision ~ she’s recognising the difference in this voice, & she’s learning to pay attention. She pauses, becomes very still, and says ~ ‘I don’t yet understand, but I’m listening. It feels scary, but deep down, it feels right.’ She’s holding on to that thin thread that takes her to the Mother.

Every time she honours the tug from the other end, she receives an Initiation. This could be a new wisdom, a vision, an opportunity she’s been longing for, or just a deeper relaxation into her being. She’s taking her baby steps into her goddess self.

She’s loving being the Mother’s little girl.

She’s Riding the Lightning


Photo by Andrew Lucas

This time round, her fierce is in the front. Its her invincible suit of armour.

Her spark is turning into a blaze as she fully engages her spirituality. She’s fierce without apology. This one cannot be tamed & shamed. The fire in her womb temple is lit as much as her soul-fire is bright. She’s passionate about her reverence for life, earth, justice & truth,  She’s taking a clear stand ~ she accesses it through her original wildness. She’s not afraid of the lightning, ~ she’s working in sync with the forces of nature. She’s the meeting ground of heaven & earth. She’s anchoring the new human within her.

Its becoming more & more easy for her to hold the fierce yet peaceful energy in her body. Many times, all she needs is to express it through her look. And her job is done. She’s answering the call.

Don’t mess with her Kali truth.

Sukhvinder Sircar

She’s arriving as Shakti


As she awakens to her true Nature, she begins to witness the deep marriage of Spirit and earth.

She’s learning that the Feminine is called Praktriti or Nature in ancient Vedic scriptures. She is the active, intelligent, creative Divine power underlying the cosmos.

In the scriptures, Prakriti says:

‘There is none but Myself
Who is the Mother to create.’

Prakriti is worshipped as Aditi, the inexhaustible, primordial vastness.
As Adi Shakti, she is primordial power.
As Lalita, she is Divine Play, free spontaneous activity.
As Nature, She is Spirit indwelling in matter.

In the Yogini Tantras, Vajrayogini announces ‘Whenever in the world a female body is seen, That should be recognised as my holy body.’

When she split from Her, she split from her true nature.As she embrace Her back, it is no surprise that she begins to feel her limitless, powerful, playful, creative nature.

Healing the wound of separation from Her is healing of primal pain.

Right now, she’s in prayer: asking Her to arrive into her body, and use it for Her work.

She’s learning to ride her Shakti

durga with her weapons

There was a time when physical strength had nothing to do with power. At the time when men discovered that their physical strength could be used not just for hunting and protection, but also to push others down, the dynamics between men & nature, women and men, men & men, began to change. Slowly,  force came to mean power, and then power became domination. We began to believe that the victor had power, and the vanquished had none.

The more she lost in this game of domination, the more she believed in her powerlessness. Eventually, she totally bought into this illusion.

She is now re-learning that physical strength, control, domination are not synonymous with power.

She is now in a deep process of claiming her power back. For that she is undoing centuries of indoctrination. She’s begun to honour her own insights, her body, her intuition and her inner voice. She is becoming more and more comfortable in her skin. She’s discovering that she knows best what’s good for her, and she’s willing to listen to her own teaching. She is living the paradox that the more deeply relaxed she is, the more power she has.

She is re-learning that true power is called SHAKTI ~ the female principle of divine energy.
Shakti personifies the dynamic, manifesting energy that creates the universe. She is the primordial creative force. Cosmic Energy. Agent for all change. Sacred force. Empowerment. She is present equally in men and women. And her awakening in both is an awe-inspiring phenomenon.

She is discovering with delighted that she is a natural container of Shakti. It re-turns her life.

She is particularly tickled that she has a lion as her ride.

She’s facing her demons

ImagePic: Pat Perry

She’s given up battling her demons. She can now see that the demons are her own disowned & denied parts. She had been taught for thousands of years that ‘being nice’ is the best quality of a woman. She was told that only some parts of her were acceptable, & thus began the dis-empowerment, devaluing and dismembering of her psyche. She earned the badge of a ‘star’ nice person in her world. She got rewarded for being good, and punished for being bad. She started collecting medals. Her Shakti was stolen.

She learnt to battle within herself everything that was not sanctioned. So she suppressed it & sadly, the ‘real’ woman never showed up. Occasionally, the wild feral wolf woman emerged ~ to howl at the moon, sometimes to run with her pack.

She is looking at all that was labelled ‘bad, dark, ugly’ in her, re-evaluating all the ‘should’s and should not’s’ and is discovering that her demons as her own denied powers, talents & longings. Even those that chase her in her dreams are perhaps her own parts wanting to re-unite.

The awakening of Shakti is the most powerful emergence on the planet today. She is awakening in the body, heart and soul of every single woman & man who is ready to embrace Her. She’s no longer wasting her energies being at war with her own self, & is embracing every single thing in her. She’s spring cleaning her ‘programme’ and emptying the trash in her head.

She is discovering she is sacredness herself.

She is learning to be the best mother to herself now.

She’s arriving into ‘Her’ time


Adaptability is the feminine’s greatest asset. She has swam against adverse currents for long, and has built an awesome survival muscle. She has weathered storms & has lived through horror tales, and then some. She has outlasted it all. At every moment, she has waited for her time. She knew it in her bones that it was coming.

Her wait is over. This time belongs to her. She is quickly unchaining herself. She is dropping her stories, her shame and her guilt. These are mementoes  she can do without. She is losing her memory of her existence in the patriarchy. She is forgetting the victim~ oppressor paradigm.

She is remembering herself at a time much beyond that. When she was priestess, shaman, goddess, witch, healer, dancer, teacher, master, yogi and so much more. She is learning to honour herself, all women and men as soul-mates on the journey home.

You can see her breathing into a deep space within. There is a lot of new (in)formation coming to her now. You can almost see her gasp in surprise at simply ‘knowing’ so much. She is deeply aligning with the universe.

She had insulated herself from her inner knowing for so long, perhaps her trust in herself is a bit rusty. But she’s learning fast that her best teacher is she herself. It takes a lot of honouring of self to drop the external teachers. It is such a delight to see her reclaim herself.