She’s ceasing the light & dark war

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There is no fight left in her. Thank the goddess for that!

The long & futile battle of light & dark has left her exhausted. She’s accepting both light & dark as the inherent gifts of the universe. She’s not in a duelling match with them. The light no longer wishes to ‘reform’ her dark, and her dark no longer wants to ‘control’ the light. She’s stopped playing the duality game.

She’s not being fooled into buying the teaching that there’s something wrong with her that needs fixing, or that she’s got work to do before she’s finally ‘good’. Her divinity is in fully embracing her humanity. All of it. So where’s the imperfection?

The myth that one day light will vanquish the dark and there will be peace would have kept her exhausted & imprisoned. And in the power of the ones who made her belive it. She’s deciding to be at peace right now! Even the light and dark within her are sitting at peace with each other. Game over.

What she’s experiencing in the ceasing of war is an unbelievable tranquillity & peace. Thank goddess she’s relaxing into her own wisdom everyday.

Her dark is the womb of things.


She’s in a committed relationship with herself


Rapture by ChrissieCool














She’s fully committed to a relationship with herself.

She’s doing it the right way now. She fully belongs to herself before she is committing anywhere else. Happily, that itself is sorting out a lot of things in her life. The more she marries her deepest longing, the more it takes her to a place larger than her.

There are too many things in her world that are wrong, off-balance, and our of integrity. Her new commitment empowers her to take a stand. Her work and voice carry the zing of her new wisdom & response-ability.

Her days of complaining, brooding and blaming are over. Her tolerance for unfairness, manipulation, exploitation is very low. Her clear stand is clearing a lot of nonsense and leakage of energy within her family, in her groups and in the larger community.Her commitment and deep caring is showing up in a new, powerful voice that says ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ with great clarity. She’s tapping deep, unknown spaces within her. Her gaze is penetrating deeper & is more inclusive as she questions the status quo. Her passion for peace, justice and truth is now fuelling her leadership. She’s earning a new respect. All that clear inner space is allowing her to make intelligent choices like never before.

Her self-belief is her new courage of heart. She’s continually choosing the part that is unafraid, even when fear kicks in.Her awakening Shakti charges her transformation.

She is finally inhabiting her imagined new world to give it form on earth. She’s the creatrix.


Her Goddess Pause


Art: Francois Fressinier

She calls it her goddess pause.

She is choosing to have more of these soft, delicate, moments of pausing with herself. Something sweet, unexplained comes to meet her at these times. Sometimes she hears herself releasing a deep sigh.

She’s discovering the richness of those moments of reverie. Everything inside & outside comes together in a harmonious song. She once again has entered the unnamable world. It leaves her soothed & refreshed. When she comes out of it, she’s not sure why she feels that something just got done.

Anyway, she’s beginning to love this non-doing work time. She’s learning to joyously tap into this nourishing pool of quiet-ness.

Becoming her own Mother

Natalia Tajera

Art: Natalia Tajera

She’s accessing a joyous inner conversation.

She’s speaking to herself differently now. She thought she was a victim to an external oppressor, but it’s been more dangerous than that.

She’s realising she had internalized all her oppressors from childhood. They’re still busy controlling & disciplining her as her inner voice. These voices create self-reproach when she’s just resting on the couch, reading a book, sitting in the garden, taking a nap ~ saying to her ‘don’t waste your time’. She’s been so programmed into being useful & productive that’ free’ time, indulgence, self-care becomes a ‘guilty pleasure’. That she should rest is intolerant to this inner oppressor disguised as ‘her’ voice.

This voice is there to steal her power. It tells her she’s lesser when she’s with a group, it tells her she’s selfish when she wants to pursue her dream, and it tells her she wont make it anyways ~ cause she’s always wrong. It’s there to create shame. She’s been sleeping with the enemy.

Not any more. Finally, she’s taking care of the little girl within.  She’s dis-identifying with this voice. She’s breaking the oppressive chains & giving herself free rein. Everything she does, feel, thinks is ok. She’s un-hooking from the programme that tells her anything other than that she’s beautiful, awesome, gorgeous and perfect the way she is. She’s accessing her inner mother who has this  soft golden voice of a most loving, indulgent, proud mom ~ and she says to her again and again how beautiful, gorgeous, wise, funny, courageous, talented and perfect she is.

Her inner father is so proud, his voice always assuring her she’s safe and protected, and she can go forth fearlessly into her dreams and goals. He believes in her and is always available. He wants to show her off in the world.

She and her inner child is finally having fun. She’s speaking to herself in a  loving, indulgent and supportive way. She’s treating herself as precious.  It is making her so relaxed and peaceful. The chattering in her head ends, and even if it tries to come back, she’s not paying heed.

Becoming her own dream parent is probably one of the most significant spiritual lessons she was meant to learn.

Daughter of the mighty Mother

Art by Frederic Leighton

Art: Frederic Leighton

She’s reeling in the lessons directly from her Great Mother. No one else can fulfilling her heart’s longing the way SHE can.

She’s disrobing now, stepping out of her old faded, tattered garments. She’s moving away from places and people who do not honour her. Of course it’s difficult and painful to rip off the familiar, these garments have become second skin. And its scary too, cause there are a hundred reasons to stay with it, and maybe only one to let go. Should she listen to this tiny, new, unfamiliar voice?

She’s practicing to recognise that faint whisper amidst the clamour ~ she’s learning that it comes from a different Source.
This Voice, though faint or fleeting, nourishes a tiny spot in her heart ~ her Goddess Spot. A tiny flame, a soft whisper, a barely perceptible fragrance, a fleeting vision ~ she’s recognising the difference in this voice, & she’s learning to pay attention. She pauses, becomes very still, and says ~ ‘I don’t yet understand, but I’m listening. It feels scary, but deep down, it feels right.’ She’s holding on to that thin thread that takes her to the Mother.

Every time she honours the tug from the other end, she receives an Initiation. This could be a new wisdom, a vision, an opportunity she’s been longing for, or just a deeper relaxation into her being. She’s taking her baby steps into her goddess self.

She’s loving being the Mother’s little girl.

Her Longing and Devotion ~ the great melting pot

Photo: Robi Charaborty

Photo: Robi Charaborty

A devotional core is her natural self. At the deep end of her heart is longing and devotion. Longing to Source, Love, Beauty & Truth feeds her soul.  Devotion is her spontaneous expression of  it in the world. While the first nourishes her journey, the second nourishes the world. While her longing is her inner, unseen fire, her devotion is the revealed aspect of it. As her longing deepens, her devotional fire is becoming great melting pot ~ softening her and everything that comes in it.

She longs to connect & include. Her worship takes a million forms.  Her vulnerable believing self has been often asked to fit into regimental doctrine, & sometimes exploited by teachers. Not any more, as she deeply connects to her core, her inner teacher ~ her womb temple, and unleashes her own archetypal spiritual essence. She’s connecting to an unexplained sweetness. You can see her now, joyously serving up more from this inexhaustible well. She is resuscitating her world quietly and powerfully through her powerful vibrational being. Her devout heart is relentlessly, fiercely loving! When she meets you, she deeply recognises and accepts you ~ just as you are.

Her devotion replicates god’s love. It is effortless & fun! As she moves deeper into her longing, the spark of devotion becomes a steady flame. When she gathers in a circle with others like her, the conflagration of devotional hearts is phenomenal.

Her awakened heart evokes reverence. Her balming presence is knocking open the door in hearts that have been closed for so long. Knowing her is knowing truth, beauty & love.

Sukhvinder Sircar

She’s Riding the Lightning


Photo by Andrew Lucas

This time round, her fierce is in the front. Its her invincible suit of armour.

Her spark is turning into a blaze as she fully engages her spirituality. She’s fierce without apology. This one cannot be tamed & shamed. The fire in her womb temple is lit as much as her soul-fire is bright. She’s passionate about her reverence for life, earth, justice & truth,  She’s taking a clear stand ~ she accesses it through her original wildness. She’s not afraid of the lightning, ~ she’s working in sync with the forces of nature. She’s the meeting ground of heaven & earth. She’s anchoring the new human within her.

Its becoming more & more easy for her to hold the fierce yet peaceful energy in her body. Many times, all she needs is to express it through her look. And her job is done. She’s answering the call.

Don’t mess with her Kali truth.

Sukhvinder Sircar