She’s practicing her new power ~ surrender.


She is developing a new muscle called surrender. Far too long, she’s gone on overdrive to plan everything. She believed that if she organised, scheduled and calculated meticulously, she could control outcomes & avoid surprises.  It was the way she took care of her neurosis. This also meant that if she was not perpetually stressed, something was wrong.

Then she began a journey into her own self. By loving, honouring, claiming her body, heart and soul.

That is when she discovered the reality that the universe is her strongest ally. It was her fears, and not her world, that was out to get her.  By giving up the story that her world is unsafe, she’s coming into trust that she is held and cherished by the universe. She no longer predicts her future from a place of fear. 

She is becoming relaxed and confident. She’s in a loving, co-creative relationship with her world. She’s learning that as she relaxes into trust, her longings show themselves to her, and light up her the path. She makes her prayer, offers her sankalpa, and lets it go. She can now wait without despairing. She’s getting an insight into the inner workings of the universe. Her deepest plan already exists. She can begin to see that now, and it is hugely re-assuring.

Synchronicity & easy manifestation is how her world is now. She’s getting used to being pampered by the universe.


Her secret longing


Some days, she deeply connects to an unnamed longing. She does not remember its origin. It can be triggered by a fragrance, a colour, a sound, an expression, a dream or the way the sunlight slants through the trees. She wonders at the exquisite pain of it.

She simply knows that one end of it is connects to her heart ~ and she feels a tug at the other end.She is learning to lean deeper into it. Touching it is like a melting ~ a dissolving of the spaces in her heart. Sometimes it brings tears, and she may cry. Oh! what unrequited love affair is this?

This longing is a remembrance, it does not yet have a name ~ it goes deeper than her memory. She is learning to use it as a compass to show her the way ~ when she is very still, very alert, she can hear its whispered message. There is a mysterious magnetic pull in it.

She too is speaking to her longing. Whoever or whatever is on the other end of it longs for her too. She knows this longing will reveal to her who she really is. Whenever it comes, she feels touched by grace.

She’s reclaiming her Queen

umbrella woman

Many women are experiencing a distinct ‘before/after’ state of being since December 21, 2012. Suddenly, she is tuning in to herself, and specially her body, in a new way.

Integrity seems to have become very important for her & she is unwilling to compromise with her deepest desires. Strangely, its ok being without a relationship or money and not sell herself short. She’s plugging all her energetic leaks.

She’s disconnecting from her captive desperations and connecting to her deepest longings instead. Its her most courageous journey so far.

She’s looking at all the places she had given her power away, and is pulling it all back. Most importantly, she’s learning to walk away from spaces that do not honor or nourish her.

She claiming her Queen archetype big time! She’s romancing herself like royalty. She’s still very vulnerable & new in all this, but she can take heart. She’s not the only one like this in these transition times.

The Fade out ~ Fade in zone


Sometimes, you may see her sitting in her chair by the window ~ housework scattered all over the place ~ just looking out with unseeing eyes ~ beware ~ do not disturb her ~ she’s in an enchanted place ~ she is regrouping her energies ~ connecting to her ‘no zone’ zone. Suddenly, she’s out of her reverie, and back with a new zing. No one knows where she went. Something has fallen into place. She’s back with a sigh.

All women know of this place they visit. It is wired into us. Its a moment when everything comes back together to a magical one-point. We use this fade out, fade in technique even without noticing it. Have you ever met a woman who walks out of her busy office day, walks the block and is back at her desk ~ as if back from a vacation?

Remember to drink from that deep well today.