She’s arriving into present time

relaxed feet

She’s arriving into present time.This is the gift of her deep work.

She has been healing her pain, embracing her shadows, claiming her body & womb temple, releasing her shame, clearing the victim/oppressor, facing her fears, walking out of dishonouring spaces & so much more.

She’s a warrior. She stands steady, anchored inside herself. She’s let go her history and cleared her cellular memories. She’s no longer lost in the haunted alleys of her past. They’re clean, lit up and fragrant with her loving awareness. As she connects to her divine longing & her passion, she deepens her surrender. It is interesting that when she let go her past, her anxieties of future vanished too. Surprised, she  discovered that they were really the same thing. She’s becoming relaxed about where her life is heading.

She’s free & uncluttered, & ready to travel to where her life is calling. She’s travelling light. With her energy  unstuck from the past & future, she’s listening deep into the now.

She’s fully present. She’s amazed at how relaxed and alert she is at the same time.

She could easily pass through the eye of a needle.

She’s Retrieving her original story

young girl

Artwork: Trockn

She’s reclaiming the original story that she incarnated to live. With her arrival began the distancing away from her original script. The world changed her story. She was too young, soft, guileless, impressionable when they did it. When she tried to tell her version, they said ‘your story is too dangerous, impractical, wrong, crazy, naïve, impossible, foolish.’

Before she knew it, she was living their story. Her life became a cheap paperback edition of her hardbound, jewel and gold engraved book with satiny pages, exquisite illustrations, amazing journeys and adventures, magical inventions, music, romance and mystery. In her story, she was sometimes a majestic queen, a beautiful and romantic heroine, a fearless warrior, a mystical fairy, a powerful witch. She could fly and sing like a bird, dance like the wind, she was kind, loving and funny. The universe was her best friend and she was never hurt or unhappy.

Very early on, when her original story split from her, she secretly fed it in her imagination. She kept her sanity by living in two worlds. The most painful phases of her life were when the link between her two worlds broke.

She’s remembering and reclaiming her original manuscript. On her many trips underground, she’s retrieving it page by page. The power of her story is entering back into her. There’s a peace that’s coming into her from living the right life.

She has not yet read the last chapters, but there’s a great excitement building. It’s such a grand tale! And its better than any story she’s ever read.



She’s reclaiming the holy dark


Art: Anne-Claire Payet

“The spirit of the valley never dies;
This is called the dark female.
The doorway into the dark female
Is called the root of heaven and earth.
It is there within us all the while;
Draw upon it as you will, it never runs dry.”

-Tao Te Ching 6


She’s reclaiming her dark feminine as she heals the split. The word dark has been used to scare her away from the fullness of her essence for a long time. She was programmed into a belief that only light is pure, and the dark is evil. And thus was she separated from her power. She was allowed to live and experience only the ‘good’ girl, and a very large part of her existence became unsanctioned. She got split between good & bad, and she was told that the good would get her acceptance & the bad would get her rejection. Her raw, mystical, wild, shamanic self was banished into the underground, to be perhaps visited in dreams.

Her dark is nothing but her denied feminine. It is primal, NOT evil.

As her fear is disappearing, she’s refusing to live in guilt anymore. She’s untangling from shame, the single most powerful weapon to chain her. Her frequent journeys underground have revealed to her the immense power of the dark. She’s discovering she was never evil. All that she had hidden away in the dark was actually quite cool. It was just that she would have been too dangerous. She’s reclaiming her wildness fully and unabashedly now. She knows that the dark is where things take birth. Deep in the earth’s womb is where the seed germinates, deep in her dark womb is where life begins to form.

A connection to the dark brings her face to face to her mystical connection with life, death and rebirth. She accessing the power of blood mysteries. She’s travelling to the center of the universe, the black light of the cosmic womb, her most nourishing place now. She’s reclaiming Kali, Lilith, Baba Yaga in her.

In her embrace of her dark feminine, she’s healing the split of spirit from matter, heaven from earth, sacred from profane, human from divine, light from dark.

She’s sacred. And it has no opposite.

She’s reclaiming her underground mystery


Photo by Brooke Shaden

These are powerful times for the feminine. This is particularly her time to be called to adventure. The heroine hears her call when the ache of separation from the deep feminine becomes unbearable. Her soul thirst can no more be quenched by hollow compromises or synthetic spirituality. She knows this is the time to look for the real watering hole.

Her Yearning to connect to that which is true feminine becomes her initiation into her descent. This yearning builds her soul-light that illuminates her way underground ~ as she goes forth to reclaim her treasure. And she does not do this alone. Her sisters stand fierce vigil, singing and holding torch lights to light her way down. Their songs comfort her as she forages through the thorns and brambles, retrieving the lost, denied pieces of her soul from the deep dark. She’s had a terror of the dark, the terror of the underground, of getting lost, of being left alone ~  Every fear she steps over on her way down, vaporizes the demon she thought was real,  & retrieves a piece of her power back.

As she moves deeper, she discovers a dark, quiet river of crystal water. When she bathes in it, she is transformed forever. She emerges back from her great underground adventure with a holy radiance. Her body is restful, and her womb temple is glowing.

The underground gifts her a new immune system that makes her strong, resilient and invincible to all that used to crush her spirit before. She’s building a beautiful relationship with the dark underground. And while she’s down there, her existence in her world is very quiet and still. She becomes ‘absent’ for a while.

The world celebrates this awakening woman.

Her Longing and Devotion ~ the great melting pot

Photo: Robi Charaborty

Photo: Robi Charaborty

A devotional core is her natural self. At the deep end of her heart is longing and devotion. Longing to Source, Love, Beauty & Truth feeds her soul.  Devotion is her spontaneous expression of  it in the world. While the first nourishes her journey, the second nourishes the world. While her longing is her inner, unseen fire, her devotion is the revealed aspect of it. As her longing deepens, her devotional fire is becoming great melting pot ~ softening her and everything that comes in it.

She longs to connect & include. Her worship takes a million forms.  Her vulnerable believing self has been often asked to fit into regimental doctrine, & sometimes exploited by teachers. Not any more, as she deeply connects to her core, her inner teacher ~ her womb temple, and unleashes her own archetypal spiritual essence. She’s connecting to an unexplained sweetness. You can see her now, joyously serving up more from this inexhaustible well. She is resuscitating her world quietly and powerfully through her powerful vibrational being. Her devout heart is relentlessly, fiercely loving! When she meets you, she deeply recognises and accepts you ~ just as you are.

Her devotion replicates god’s love. It is effortless & fun! As she moves deeper into her longing, the spark of devotion becomes a steady flame. When she gathers in a circle with others like her, the conflagration of devotional hearts is phenomenal.

Her awakened heart evokes reverence. Her balming presence is knocking open the door in hearts that have been closed for so long. Knowing her is knowing truth, beauty & love.

Sukhvinder Sircar

She’s the Medial Woman


Her deep dive into the sacred feminine is opening up fascinating secrets within her.

It is the rule of the universe that it honours one’s deepest intent.

Currently she is on the threshold of a new world. She’s arrived at this place after an arduous journey. She’s now the Priestess of the Portal. It’s a powerful place of creation and new birthing. A sacred intent is forming spontaneously inside her.

She has reached here through a mystical journey into the unknown. Much of her pilgrimage has not made ‘sense’ intellectually. She yet cannot define what she searches, but she gave up her need for answers on the way here. She’s allowing herself to drop deep into and be guided by her dreams, visions, art, music, poetry, silence and resting. Her body is getting ready to step in.

She is aware that Initiations are happening when something moves her deeply (or moves deeply in her). Right now she’s gathering, heeding, paying attention. She knows that in time, the maṇḍala of her new existence will emerge. She’s deepening her awareness.

Composure, fortitude, non-resistance, yielding ~ this is her new wisdom. These power her navigation in the ‘in-between world’ with impeccability.

She’s the Medial Woman.


She’s transforming her fear into dance

dance partner

Fear does not define her limits anymore. It is no longer the place where her journey ends. This is not  where her river dries up and the sun never shines.

She is re-defining fear as the edge of the diving board to jump off from, as the starting point to great journeys. Every fear is becoming a calling,. Every contraction is the beginning of a new expansion, a thrill of the unknown.

She has come to sit in a safe space inside herself ~ finally. She’s connecting to her relaxed Shakti that rests in her womb temple. From here she can go anywhere, do anything. Her fear becomes her dare.

The spirit of adventure is awakening in her heart. She’s willing to go to all those places she has only stood on the edge of, till now. All unfinished journeys are on their way to completion. All incomplete songs will now be written and sung.

There is a new space of allowing in her. Her fear is only the outer edge of excitement to try something new. In her new life, her fear becomes her teacher. She is breathing into it, listening to what lies beyond. She’s updating her cellular records that kick off a reaction from historic memory of wanting to create safety. She’s gently asking her fear to let go her old script ~ one that told her that the world is not a safe place. She is safe now ~ and ready to walk through her fears. And thus she removes the veil that was hiding a treasure. It’s funny how, when she does that, her fear transforms into her dance partner.

She’s not afraid of fear anymore!