Sukhvinder Sircar’s engagement with life is to joyously unfold and surrender to the great mystery. She has been in the world of training & facilitation for over two decades.

Her training and accreditation in Process work gives her a useful insight and grip into facilitation of group dynamics, and behavioural processes. An initiate of the Gaudiya Vaishnava school of bhakti, her life is deeply enriched with her sadhana. A life coach, she’s currently training as a Somatic Experiencing therapist for trauma release.

Studying and practicing as a yogini of feminine embodiment, she embodies and teaches the Divine Feminine Principle through  bodywork, womb-work & ancestral healing.  Her workshops are a unique expression of her experience and insight that comes from years of deep work with women. You can find her writings on the feminine awakening on her Facebook page ‘Joyous Woman’, or blog of the same name.You can find more about her work at http://www.joyouswoman.com

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  1. Yesteday, at Global Light Minds I discover your messages which resonates perfectly in mi heart.I bless you and doing so, I bless myself an all women in our beloved Gaia.
    Thank you…from Puebla, MEXICO

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