Are you paying attention to her?

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The Devi: Her Omnipresence by Sourodip Ghosh

Do you see her walking towards you now?

The bell that tolls in her womb is finding resonance now in many other wombs. No longer satisfied with synthetic spirituality and hollow compromises, she had set off on a journey to find her own watering hole.

Her Yearning to connect to the true feminine is the key that initiated her descent. Her soul-light blazed brightly with this yearning and illumined her underground depths to reclaim her treasure. She did not do this alone. Her sisters stood fierce vigil, singing and holding burning torchlights to light her way down. Their songs comforted her as she foraged through the thorns and brambles, retrieving the lost, denied pieces of her soul, lost in haunted dark spaces. Every time she stepped over her fear, she slayed a demon living in her recesses & retrieved a piece of her power back.

As she moves even deeper now, she discovers a dark, quiet river of crystal water. When she bathes in it, she is transformed forever. She emerges back from her great underground adventure with a holy glow. Her work, her voice, her walk all reflect this easy grace.

Every time, her underground gifts her a new immune system. She’s becoming resilient and invincible to all that used to crush her spirit before. She takes these breaks to the underground as often as she needs. She requires both, her world where she’s intensely involved, and the deep dark underground cave of rejuvenation.

Get used to seeing the continuous emergence of her Shakti. Listen carefully, cause she’s the one bringing that message to you.

Joyous Woman with Sukhvinder Sircar