Honouring every woman

girls putting henna

Art:Gopal Swami Khetanchi

So many women look shut down or seem to have inaccessible interiors. They don’t appear to be listening or learning. They would still rather go the unconscious way. You can see that they are hurting themselves by doing so.

It is easy to be impatient when you know you can show her, tell her an easy way out. She doesn’t have to suffer at all. If only she could see. It is easy to be angry & frustrated, and judging her is so easy.

What if she’s guarding a deep fire inside. What if her appearance does not in any way define her potent inner lava. What if she’s waiting for a cycle to end. What if your unspoken pressure became just one more layer on her shield?

No matter how much a stretch it is to see her wisdom, can we honour her life choices. One energy that women have been starved of is honouring. It is much more than understanding or compassion. Something shifts deeply within when a woman is honoured for who she is. Then, inside of us, we give her the space to be all of who she is, no matter her life choices.

If a muscle relaxes inside of you when you do that, it perhaps would relax in her as well. What if her call is simply for you to walk with her, fully embracing her dignity.

Our ‘seeing’ is the cool breeze of change.


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