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The call of the ancient temple bell


temple bell


She’s outing her demons by retreiving her voice.

Of what use is her veil of shame and silence? She’d rather have a magic cape.

She used to bear shame with a sense of responsibility. ‘It’s good for you’, they lied, and she shrank behind it even when it corroded her insides. No spell that’s cast lasts forever. This one’s time is over. Her body is now releasing this toxic shame. The doors through which they walked in to heap more shame have disappeared.

She was born pure and sacred. Her body is a temple. And so is the body of all her sisters. The transition from the shameful one to the sacred one is one phenomenal journey she’s making.

Retreiving her authentic voice is like the ringing of a bell in the dark depths of her temple. Soon, she hears another temple bell at a distance, and another, and a deep resonant chime begins to resound everywhere. Sometimes, the sound is fierce and deafening, and at others, soft and rhythmic. The bell sounds are healing her womb.

The sound waves are creating a new frequency, a new song. All ancient temples everywhere are being restored.

The bells hold a sacred call.

Honouring the #Metoo revolution.