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The gift within her gift

woman and crow

Looking to credit the amazing artist

She’s finding the gift inside her gift.

She’s arriving at the place it was concealed, waiting to be found. There was something she had to do first. She had to spend her gift ~ give it generously, abundantly, with all her heart. Offering it was an act of daring, but her gift would have it no other way. She nourished her gift, and it nourished her back. The goodness of it imbued her and her world. Her life and her gift joyously flowed through her. As she dived deeper, her gift shone in its luminosity, fragrance, music and poetic quality.

Her gift guided her to take many pauses, to realign and recalibrate her life. As she became more and more intimate with her gift, it is impossible to tell them apart. She is the gift fully matured. And one cycle of her rich life is ending.

She’s slowing down to listen deeply to what this ending means. Her gift is whispering: ‘here’s a reward for honouring me so deeply. In my centre is your new gift. Let it arrive into your heart now.’

She’s currently in the pause, very still, allowing the gift within the gift to arrive. She’s sensing its very different flavour and fragrance. It feels new, fresh, different. Even though the temptation to continue her rich old life tugs at her sometimes, she’s allowing her old life to slip away through her fingers.

She’s the new vessel for this new arriving. Meanwhile, she is resting, using her hands to tend to her plants, to bake and cook, to paint, to clean her windows. And of course, she’s brewing tea.

This cycle belongs to those who drink deeply from their gift.