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Deep Defiance


She’s redefining Deep Defiance.
It comes from her roots going deep into the earth. There are too many happenings in her world wanting to break her down. Her rootedness makes her unshakable. That is defiance enough. It does not necessarily show up as a fist in the air. Defiance is the maturing of her intractable nature. Some days it is simply a soft melting presence.

Her defiance can be seen in the simplicity of her choices, In the care with which she chooses her fights, in her quiet ‘no’, or her ease in saying  ‘I differ’, no explanations, no apologies.

Her defiance is in her capacity to be un-shame-able. What would have brought her down now now deepens her resilience. Her anger, when it burns, is well placed and well focussed. All action is informed from the womb of the earth. She needs no other confirmation for what she knows.

A woman, sitting relaxed, choosing inner peace over neurosis, seems like a very defiant woman. A woman, seeing the design behind the design of the chaos, seems very daring.

She is incorruptible, though the world would call her incorrigible.

Joyous Woman with Sukhvinder Sircar

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The Female Gaze.


Tony Luciani’s picture of his mother

Hers is the gaze of the creatrix. Life and beauty on earth deeply engage and energise her.

She sees a lot more than you can guess, and her gaze is one of attached love. She sees with a thousand eyes, all of them in love, all of them committed. Her steadfast gaze (rooted in love and commitment) does not shy away from the brokenness in the world.

The brokenness longs to be seen. She looks deeply into the faces that hold quiet despair, shards of dreams still embedded in their eyes. She ‘takes in’ all the disrepair and heals it in her heart and womb. She repairs,soothes and honours with fullness of her acknowledging what is. In a world that is heaving with turbulence, she is the steady ship. In quiet unseen ways, she transmits her deep seeing to the world. Almost imperceptibly, something begins to shift.

Her broken open, sensitive heart keeps her gaze soft. With a tender ferocity, she holds invisible possibilities safe in her womb, where new life begins. Her imaginal cells are sourced from the very core of the cosmic egg.

The intensity of what she knows is incubating the seed. Her womb, that is also the Great Void, is tuned into the secret laws of creation. She simultaneously straddles the world that exists, and the one that is to come.

Of course you can’t see it yet. It’s still a grand conspiracy.