Archive | September 2016


Every day she learns that the opposite of divide is divine.

The sacred feminine is walking with her towards unity consciousness. Meeting the Goddess was the key to see the union of things. There She is, the heart of matter! Just like that, all the illusions of duality began to peel away. She is beginning to see separation is an artificial construct of the mind.

Her world is starting to mend and meld in magical ways. She is entering a process of gathering back all that she had cast away. She had lived in a world divided by race, colour of skin, money, education, culture and more. While her inner world is embracing her shadow, her outer world is healing the split. The more she meets herself inside, the more she meets each one outside. Her outer world is not categorised into first, second or third world. The word elite is being erased. It is a journey to hold an ‘equal’ gaze. She is meeting everyone where they are, with honour and respect.

Meeting the goddess is a quantum jump in her evolutionary journey. And her awakening is an infectious process.

She is uniting that which was broken, joining back that which was split.

She’s embodying the true meaning of yoga.