She’s standing for herself


She’s embodying courage in taking a stand for herself like never before.

She’s finally allowing herself to be all of who she is. She’s out in the open, no hiding. A keener glance will show she’s accessing & standing for something bigger & deeper.

What she’s really standing for is love, joy, dignity, courage, wisdom, community, co-creation, longing, sacred impulse and so much more~ all of which is rooted in divine truth. Yes, that’s her.

The more she evolves, the more her boundaries between personal & universal, inner & outer dissolve. As they meld & flow into each other, they replenish & nurture her in manifold ways. She’s learning the art of fearlessly weaving her new reality into her life. She’s spirited, fiery & clear that her stand is enough now to bring the change. You can never push her around. The more she dignifies  her truth, the more the world dignifies her too.

Her truth is non-negotiable. She’s quite the inspirational new warrior in the world, just by doing her own thing.


8 thoughts on “She’s standing for herself

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  2. I feel so attuned to everything you say, or maybe i’m attuned to the entire collective feminine.. you certainly are! Thank you for being and font of love, wisdom and beauty. ❤

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