Archive | October 2014

She’s standing for herself


She’s embodying courage in taking a stand for herself like never before.

She’s finally allowing herself to be all of who she is. She’s out in the open, no hiding. A keener glance will show she’s accessing & standing for something bigger & deeper.

What she’s really standing for is love, joy, dignity, courage, wisdom, community, co-creation, longing, sacred impulse and so much more~ all of which is rooted in divine truth. Yes, that’s her.

The more she evolves, the more her boundaries between personal & universal, inner & outer dissolve. As they meld & flow into each other, they replenish & nurture her in manifold ways. She’s learning the art of fearlessly weaving her new reality into her life. She’s spirited, fiery & clear that her stand is enough now to bring the change. You can never push her around. The more she dignifies ┬áher truth, the more the world dignifies her too.

Her truth is non-negotiable. She’s quite the inspirational new warrior in the world, just by doing her own thing.