Her Goddess Pause


Art: Francois Fressinier

She calls it her goddess pause.

She is choosing to have more of these soft, delicate, moments of pausing with herself. Something sweet, unexplained comes to meet her at these times. Sometimes she hears herself releasing a deep sigh.

She’s discovering the richness of those moments of reverie. Everything inside & outside comes together in a harmonious song. She once again has entered the unnamable world. It leaves her soothed & refreshed. When she comes out of it, she’s not sure why she feels that something just got done.

Anyway, she’s beginning to love this non-doing work time. She’s learning to joyously tap into this nourishing pool of quiet-ness.


5 thoughts on “Her Goddess Pause

  1. Very wonderful to hear your reflections on the Goddess pause. It’s certainly a very needed activity, and so much richness can come from those moments of dynamic stillness. I’ve written and created videos on similar topics as I know how valuable (and how uncommon) it is for most women. Thanks for sharing!
    –Devaa Haley Mitchell

  2. This reminds me to be receptive and conscious in those moments when I’m not “doing” anything, but tend to feel like I’m “wasting time”! Thank you!!

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