She’s arriving into present time

relaxed feet

She’s arriving into present time.This is the gift of her deep work.

She has been healing her pain, embracing her shadows, claiming her body & womb temple, releasing her shame, clearing the victim/oppressor, facing her fears, walking out of dishonouring spaces & so much more.

She’s a warrior. She stands steady, anchored inside herself. She’s let go her history and cleared her cellular memories. She’s no longer lost in the haunted alleys of her past. They’re clean, lit up and fragrant with her loving awareness. As she connects to her divine longing & her passion, she deepens her surrender. It is interesting that when she let go her past, her anxieties of future vanished too. Surprised, she  discovered that they were really the same thing. She’s becoming relaxed about where her life is heading.

She’s free & uncluttered, & ready to travel to where her life is calling. She’s travelling light. With her energy  unstuck from the past & future, she’s listening deep into the now.

She’s fully present. She’s amazed at how relaxed and alert she is at the same time.

She could easily pass through the eye of a needle.

12 thoughts on “She’s arriving into present time

    • YES! “We are one” is what I feel when I read “JOYOUS WOMAN!” Pure BEAUTY. Thank you THANK YOU thank you

  1. I love the way you write, from such a deep well of knowing, and the resonance this carries for me (and I’m sure for many other women as well) rings as truth, on so many levels. Thank you for these beautiful ‘poems’ about the strength and beauty of the emerging feminine.

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