She’s Retrieving her original story

young girl

Artwork: Trockn

She’s reclaiming the original story that she incarnated to live. With her arrival began the distancing away from her original script. The world changed her story. She was too young, soft, guileless, impressionable when they did it. When she tried to tell her version, they said ‘your story is too dangerous, impractical, wrong, crazy, naïve, impossible, foolish.’

Before she knew it, she was living their story. Her life became a cheap paperback edition of her hardbound, jewel and gold engraved book with satiny pages, exquisite illustrations, amazing journeys and adventures, magical inventions, music, romance and mystery. In her story, she was sometimes a majestic queen, a beautiful and romantic heroine, a fearless warrior, a mystical fairy, a powerful witch. She could fly and sing like a bird, dance like the wind, she was kind, loving and funny. The universe was her best friend and she was never hurt or unhappy.

Very early on, when her original story split from her, she secretly fed it in her imagination. She kept her sanity by living in two worlds. The most painful phases of her life were when the link between her two worlds broke.

She’s remembering and reclaiming her original manuscript. On her many trips underground, she’s retrieving it page by page. The power of her story is entering back into her. There’s a peace that’s coming into her from living the right life.

She has not yet read the last chapters, but there’s a great excitement building. It’s such a grand tale! And its better than any story she’s ever read.




16 thoughts on “She’s Retrieving her original story

  1. simple words leave a deep impact …brought tears …resembles the real me so much….till the end…which is coming in its own gracious way…..a rough ride sometimes and a smooth one other…..:-))

  2. Thank you for these morning words on the day of the Waxing Half Moon. Between this world and that, my story is fueled by the stories of others. Your telling nourishes me. Thank you! Suzi

  3. So beauty-full and true.. I love my new herstory, full of romance, adventure, mystery, the comedy and the tragedy.. What a blessing for us all to share our personal myths with each other! I can’t decide which vehicle is my favorite.. my yoga mat, broom stick, throne or dancing pole! love and blessings!

  4. What sweet dessert to find your beautiful words…eating liberally. Thank you so much for expressing what you see through your writing gift.

  5. I have never experienced such a phenomenon of my life as born and childered . This has spoke to me as Oracle’s who tutored me as a seer now I can see me .I cry .

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