She’s accessing a new map


She could never read maps. She now realises why. There’s a special kind of map she’s called to follow, and she’s re-learning her navigation skills.

She reads this map with her inner knowing. She downloaded it with her sankalpa to walk her path. This special map is lit with the light of her longing. The more she leans into her longing, the clearer her direction. Initially, she would be a bit confused, reluctant to give up her planning and caution, but it had the price of becoming lost. The map gifts her efficiency, economy & joy. Her body is her most powerful ally in reading the map.

The entire map never really shows up. Just the bit she’s standing on appears. She’s so content with not knowing the future. She’s learning to become still and dives into the rich moment. As she’s coming into present time, she makes the amazing discovery that it’s the only place the ego cannot come. She’s pure and safe here.

The key to her map is surrender. The more she trusts it, the more it teaches her ~ and she has begun to believe that eventually, every dot will be connected, even the most baffling ones. That’s because it’s not a linear map ~ it has cycles within cycles.  It is such a freedom being directed and supported from within.

She’s walking towards her true North. The map is within her, and the map is her.

11 thoughts on “She’s accessing a new map

  1. thrilled to hear the message,
    to feel the inner course unfolding
    and knowing we are all on the way, sister.
    so so so so grateful and happy to see you in the river with me

  2. Beautiful Sukhvinder! Cycles within cycles – yes – we are finding our way back to the labyrinth of our body wisdom. We are alchemical magicians surrendering to our longings and finding ease and grace! Thank you for sharing your gift of word smithing the story we are unfolding collectively. All Love, Rose Gagne’

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