Daughter of the mighty Mother

Art by Frederic Leighton

Art: Frederic Leighton

She’s reeling in the lessons directly from her Great Mother. No one else can fulfilling her heart’s longing the way SHE can.

She’s disrobing now, stepping out of her old faded, tattered garments. She’s moving away from places and people who do not honour her. Of course it’s difficult and painful to rip off the familiar, these garments have become second skin. And its scary too, cause there are a hundred reasons to stay with it, and maybe only one to let go. Should she listen to this tiny, new, unfamiliar voice?

She’s practicing to recognise that faint whisper amidst the clamour ~ she’s learning that it comes from a different Source.
This Voice, though faint or fleeting, nourishes a tiny spot in her heart ~ her Goddess Spot. A tiny flame, a soft whisper, a barely perceptible fragrance, a fleeting vision ~ she’s recognising the difference in this voice, & she’s learning to pay attention. She pauses, becomes very still, and says ~ ‘I don’t yet understand, but I’m listening. It feels scary, but deep down, it feels right.’ She’s holding on to that thin thread that takes her to the Mother.

Every time she honours the tug from the other end, she receives an Initiation. This could be a new wisdom, a vision, an opportunity she’s been longing for, or just a deeper relaxation into her being. She’s taking her baby steps into her goddess self.

She’s loving being the Mother’s little girl.


12 thoughts on “Daughter of the mighty Mother

  1. How is it that your words hit so deep? They transport me closer to home. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. Daughter to the Great Mother… this resonates deeply and precisely with my own explorations of late, humbled by hitting the wall with the flights into the masculine for most of my life, and uncertain, as you describe, about another way, yet drawn irresistibly to the Mother.

  3. I looked this evening, wondering if perhaps you would have posted something new that would make me feel my being is okay….and as always, you have. I believe we are very closely bound upon our journey, for your words are ALWAYS PERFECT!

    Much much love,

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