Archive | December 2013

She’s reclaiming her underground mystery


Photo by Brooke Shaden

These are powerful times for the feminine. This is particularly her time to be called to adventure. The heroine hears her call when the ache of separation from the deep feminine becomes unbearable. Her soul thirst can no more be quenched by hollow compromises or synthetic spirituality. She knows this is the time to look for the real watering hole.

Her Yearning to connect to that which is true feminine becomes her initiation into her descent. This yearning builds her soul-light that illuminates her way underground ~ as she goes forth to reclaim her treasure. And she does not do this alone. Her sisters stand fierce vigil, singing and holding torch lights to light her way down. Their songs comfort her as she forages through the thorns and brambles, retrieving the lost, denied pieces of her soul from the deep dark. She’s had a terror of the dark, the terror of the underground, of getting lost, of being left alone ~  Every fear she steps over on her way down, vaporizes the demon she thought was real,  & retrieves a piece of her power back.

As she moves deeper, she discovers a dark, quiet river of crystal water. When she bathes in it, she is transformed forever. She emerges back from her great underground adventure with a holy radiance. Her body is restful, and her womb temple is glowing.

The underground gifts her a new immune system that makes her strong, resilient and invincible to all that used to crush her spirit before. She’s building a beautiful relationship with the dark underground. And while she’s down there, her existence in her world is very quiet and still. She becomes ‘absent’ for a while.

The world celebrates this awakening woman.


Sharing is her soul food

water well

Sharing is her deep need. It is soul food for her. It is not just generosity, it is her vital artery of existence. She loves to open her heart, her wardrobe, her wallet, her home, and her hearth to others. Her subtle channels or nadis draw deep from the earth and her invisible branches intertwine with others.

Sisterhood especially becomes a joy because of the richness of receiving and giving. She shares joyously from the fullness of her soul. There is laughter & rejoicing where she is.

Her biggest joy comes from sharing her soul gifts. Only then does she feel radiantly alive. She acutely understands that her life is not her own. Until she serves, until she touches others deeply, she has not lived. And as she does, the calcification between every cell of her body begins to dissolve. Boundaries dissolve in a great melting and meeting.

She offers the cool nourishing waters of her deep well to all who wish to drink. And when she meets like-hearted sisters, they exchange their gifts ~ a massage for a tarot reading, a freshly baked cake for a healing session, a knitted scarf for a music lesson.

She’s setting up a soul gift barter system that beats all exchange methods. Everyone is becoming richer and richer in this system, as she is sourcing abundance.

She’s going tribal.