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Her Longing and Devotion ~ the great melting pot

Photo: Robi Charaborty

Photo: Robi Charaborty

A devotional core is her natural self. At the deep end of her heart is longing and devotion. Longing to Source, Love, Beauty & Truth feeds her soul.  Devotion is her spontaneous expression of  it in the world. While the first nourishes her journey, the second nourishes the world. While her longing is her inner, unseen fire, her devotion is the revealed aspect of it. As her longing deepens, her devotional fire is becoming great melting pot ~ softening her and everything that comes in it.

She longs to connect & include. Her worship takes a million forms.  Her vulnerable believing self has been often asked to fit into regimental doctrine, & sometimes exploited by teachers. Not any more, as she deeply connects to her core, her inner teacher ~ her womb temple, and unleashes her own archetypal spiritual essence. She’s connecting to an unexplained sweetness. You can see her now, joyously serving up more from this inexhaustible well. She is resuscitating her world quietly and powerfully through her powerful vibrational being. Her devout heart is relentlessly, fiercely loving! When she meets you, she deeply recognises and accepts you ~ just as you are.

Her devotion replicates god’s love. It is effortless & fun! As she moves deeper into her longing, the spark of devotion becomes a steady flame. When she gathers in a circle with others like her, the conflagration of devotional hearts is phenomenal.

Her awakened heart evokes reverence. Her balming presence is knocking open the door in hearts that have been closed for so long. Knowing her is knowing truth, beauty & love.

Sukhvinder Sircar