Priestess of the Doorless Temple

bird woman

Queen of Ravens by Milolika

She’s taking the bad out of the word attachment. She does not know any other way to be. How do you tell a tree not to clutch the earth? She had never bought the divide between matter & spirit. Matter matters to her. She has nothing to renounce.
Her god does is not someone she’s never seen and who lives in heaven. Her spirituality is earthy, not lofty. It is succulent, not sanitised. It is rooted, not run- away. She can touch and feel the divine. She feels the pulse and presence of goddess in all matter. Her reverence for life is continuously building.

She’s so often awed at the intricate web of inter-connection that runs through every thing. Sadly, the web is torn and damaged in so many places. Her cords of attachment touch everything.  Right now, you can see she’s busy giving love transfusions to all that is gasping for life.

She could be down on her knees in the mud planting bulbs, or at her laptop doing a tele-summit. Each is transmitting the same thing.

She’s the priestess of the Doorless Temple.

Sukhvinder Sircar


6 thoughts on “Priestess of the Doorless Temple

  1. Oh my Goddess what beautiful words that settle in the deeply carved bowl I’ve been hollowing. This past winter of extended Kiva dreaming moons, I came to the place of the doorless doorway. It was a beautiful doorway, arched and carved with intricate symbols and flowers, a patina on the remnants of gold, red and touches of verdant teal. The thickness of the door frame was supported by the sense of a sacred tree from which it was fashioned many years beyond knowing exactly when. If ever there had been a door there was no sign of hinge hardware to be seen, simple the doorway, the portal to the great mystery of everything and no thing and all time and timelessness. The sacred temple of all life.
    And Yes …here too Spider Woman has been weaving and mending the web of life, spinning silken threads of light filaments against the vast black sacred void of limitless possibilities.
    Now your words here and the image.
    13 Thank you’s dear Sukhvinder for holding the mirror of the dream of the dream we are all awakening,
    Priestess’ Everywhere,
    Rose Gagne’

    • Dear Rose, what an amazing & powerful dream. You give the words ‘Priestess of the Doorless Temple’ a new meaning. Thank god we are now having conversations ~ each contributing her ‘seeing’.
      Love and blessings!

  2. I look forward to your words, they are beautiful and encouraging, helping me to understand myself. Thankyou also to Rose for sharing.

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