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She’s Riding the Lightning


Photo by Andrew Lucas

This time round, her fierce is in the front. Its her invincible suit of armour.

Her spark is turning into a blaze as she fully engages her spirituality. She’s fierce without apology. This one cannot be tamed & shamed. The fire in her womb temple is lit as much as her soul-fire is bright. She’s passionate about her reverence for life, earth, justice & truth,  She’s taking a clear stand ~ she accesses it through her original wildness. She’s not afraid of the lightning, ~ she’s working in sync with the forces of nature. She’s the meeting ground of heaven & earth. She’s anchoring the new human within her.

Its becoming more & more easy for her to hold the fierce yet peaceful energy in her body. Many times, all she needs is to express it through her look. And her job is done. She’s answering the call.

Don’t mess with her Kali truth.

Sukhvinder Sircar


Priestess of the Doorless Temple

bird woman

Queen of Ravens by Milolika

She’s taking the bad out of the word attachment. She does not know any other way to be. How do you tell a tree not to clutch the earth? She had never bought the divide between matter & spirit. Matter matters to her. She has nothing to renounce.
Her god does is not someone she’s never seen and who lives in heaven. Her spirituality is earthy, not lofty. It is succulent, not sanitised. It is rooted, not run- away. She can touch and feel the divine. She feels the pulse and presence of goddess in all matter. Her reverence for life is continuously building.

She’s so often awed at the intricate web of inter-connection that runs through every thing. Sadly, the web is torn and damaged in so many places. Her cords of attachment touch everything.  Right now, you can see she’s busy giving love transfusions to all that is gasping for life.

She could be down on her knees in the mud planting bulbs, or at her laptop doing a tele-summit. Each is transmitting the same thing.

She’s the priestess of the Doorless Temple.

Sukhvinder Sircar

Her Womb is her temple


She is discovering the sacredness of her body temple.

She’s breaking the myth that the brain is the storehouse of all information. She’s accessing an immaculate mind that does not live in her head. She’s being led back  into her body as the holy guide on her journey. Her body is by far the best information gatherer and store. It holds mysteries and secrets beyond what she could have imagined, waiting to be accessed. If she taps into it, it always reveals to her the truth she’s looking for.

With delight she’s discovering a new ‘home’ in her body ~ her womb temple. She’s reclaiming her sanctuary that was in ruins for so long. She is cleaning and clearing her sullied sacred space, breathing into it, meditating & chanting here. She’s discovering her womb dance & tapping into amazing levels of creativity & joy. She’s finding here a teacher & guide far superior to the ones she’s known. Living from here feels most familiar ~ it feels like. She’s loving the richness of this mystical, magical, juicy haven. She’s deepening her trust in this font. Simply by sitting there, she’s opening up sacred codes with the key of awareness.

The more regularly she visits her shrine, the more saturated she is with her own brand of wisdom. There’s something magnetic about her today.

She is holy ground.

Sukhvinder Sircar 

She is beauty


She expresses her  creativity through beauty. Her expressions are simple, graceful and attract the heart. She can make you pause and take a breath. An inward breath of beauty.
When earth, flower, thread, colour, food move through her fingers, they become fragrant with soul. There is artistry in her heart.

She imbues everything she touches with a soft grace.

Sukhvinder Sircar

She’s piercing the veil of time


unable to find the credit for this picture

Nowadays, she is often losing track of time, day, week and month. Her absorption in the moment, in her work, her art, her prayer is getting deeper. She is beginning to ‘lose time’ When she arrives back from her secret travels, she says ~ ‘I don’t know where I went’. Yet she knows she was in a zone where everything already exists.

Some day, when you chance upon such a woman who is deeply absorbed and ask her ‘who are you?’, chances are you may see a knowing coupled with a blank expression. There are no words yet to her knowing.

Sometimes she worries about going missing. Yet loves the sweetness of loosing herself. The more absent she is, the more present she gets.

She’s meeting herself in unknown ways.

Honouring every woman

windswept-Paul Kelly

Windswept by Paul Kelly

She may look closed or seem to have impregnable boundaries. She may not seem to be listening or even learning. She would still rather go the old way. And you can see that she is hurting herself by doing so.

It is easy to be impatient when you know you can show her, tell her an easy way out. She doesn’t have to suffer at all. If only she could see. It is easy to be angry, frustrated, and even judgemental.

What if she’s holding a deep fire inside. What if her apparent life choices does not in any way define her potent inner lava. What if your unspoken pressure became just one more oppressive layer on her shield?

No matter how much a stretch it is to see her wisdom, can we honour her judgement & her relationship with change. Who knows what she is battling inside. What if one can just say ‘I may not understand, but I’m here’. If there is one energy she has been starved of, it is of being honoured. It is much more than understanding or compassion. Something shifts deeply within when you honour a woman for all of who she is. It is only inside of you that you give her the freedom to be all of who she is, irrespective of her fears & life choices.

If a muscle relaxes inside of you when you do that, it perhaps would relax in her as well. What if her call is simply for you to walk with her, fully embracing her dignity.

What if this woman was you?