She’s the Medial Woman


Her deep dive into the sacred feminine is opening up fascinating secrets within her.

It is the rule of the universe that it honours one’s deepest intent.

Currently she is on the threshold of a new world. She’s arrived at this place after an arduous journey. She’s now the Priestess of the Portal. It’s a powerful place of creation and new birthing. A sacred intent is forming spontaneously inside her.

She has reached here through a mystical journey into the unknown. Much of her pilgrimage has not made ‘sense’ intellectually. She yet cannot define what she searches, but she gave up her need for answers on the way here. She’s allowing herself to drop deep into and be guided by her dreams, visions, art, music, poetry, silence and resting. Her body is getting ready to step in.

She is aware that Initiations are happening when something moves her deeply (or moves deeply in her). Right now she’s gathering, heeding, paying attention. She knows that in time, the maṇḍala of her new existence will emerge. She’s deepening her awareness.

Composure, fortitude, non-resistance, yielding ~ this is her new wisdom. These power her navigation in the ‘in-between world’ with impeccability.

She’s the Medial Woman.



4 thoughts on “She’s the Medial Woman

  1. Words so true Sukhvinder …and so wise we all are together in this portal time. Our collective wisdom means none of us needs to be alone in this. If anything we are alone together.

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