She’s arriving as Shakti


As she awakens to her true Nature, she begins to witness the deep marriage of Spirit and earth.

She’s learning that the Feminine is called Praktriti or Nature in ancient Vedic scriptures. She is the active, intelligent, creative Divine power underlying the cosmos.

In the scriptures, Prakriti says:

‘There is none but Myself
Who is the Mother to create.’

Prakriti is worshipped as Aditi, the inexhaustible, primordial vastness.
As Adi Shakti, she is primordial power.
As Lalita, she is Divine Play, free spontaneous activity.
As Nature, She is Spirit indwelling in matter.

In the Yogini Tantras, Vajrayogini announces ‘Whenever in the world a female body is seen, That should be recognised as my holy body.’

When she split from Her, she split from her true nature.As she embrace Her back, it is no surprise that she begins to feel her limitless, powerful, playful, creative nature.

Healing the wound of separation from Her is healing of primal pain.

Right now, she’s in prayer: asking Her to arrive into her body, and use it for Her work.


2 thoughts on “She’s arriving as Shakti

  1. such support in the words you share, and that I can hear them brings me real joy. hmm. joyous woman. I am in the right place! Sister, you are writing the book I will read and pass on to other women and men. I am so grateful for the way her leadership has arrived in you.

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