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She’s bringing an ecological leadership

Celebrating fot her life-long work of planting & tending 284 banyan trees along a 4 kilometer stretch near Bangalore

Saalumarada Thimmaka: Celebrating fot planting & tending 284 banyan trees along a 4 kilometer stretch near Bangalore

Can you feel, sense, see her wise leadership? She’s quietly & diligently at work in all corners of the earth. She would be engaged close to the earth, this woman. She could be saving, planting, distributing pure seed, and growing healthy organic food. She could be singing to the seeds as she plants them. She could be leading a quiet activism to clean her river and save her forest. She could be healing with her knowledge of nature.

Her deep belief in collaboration, understanding of cyclic change, heartfelt concern for all realities is the stuff great leadership is made of. She learnt it in the wisdom school of life. She leads from natural authority, and has a powerful message that cannot be ignored. She is earthy, direct and inspirational. She is also unstoppable ~ the giant greedy corporations will surrender before what she represents ~ Shakti.

Her deepest collaboration is with Mother Earth. She cares deeply.  It makes her fearless. Her soul is like fresh, moist, fragrant earth.

She may be working invisibly, but she exists in millions. She’s gently bringing back the balance all that got grossly unbalanced. The world is on the brink of discovering her Leadership.

Keep a lookout for her. Stand for her. Lend her your support. She’s working for you as well.


She’s the Medial Woman


Her deep dive into the sacred feminine is opening up fascinating secrets within her.

It is the rule of the universe that it honours one’s deepest intent.

Currently she is on the threshold of a new world. She’s arrived at this place after an arduous journey. She’s now the Priestess of the Portal. It’s a powerful place of creation and new birthing. A sacred intent is forming spontaneously inside her.

She has reached here through a mystical journey into the unknown. Much of her pilgrimage has not made ‘sense’ intellectually. She yet cannot define what she searches, but she gave up her need for answers on the way here. She’s allowing herself to drop deep into and be guided by her dreams, visions, art, music, poetry, silence and resting. Her body is getting ready to step in.

She is aware that Initiations are happening when something moves her deeply (or moves deeply in her). Right now she’s gathering, heeding, paying attention. She knows that in time, the maṇḍala of her new existence will emerge. She’s deepening her awareness.

Composure, fortitude, non-resistance, yielding ~ this is her new wisdom. These power her navigation in the ‘in-between world’ with impeccability.

She’s the Medial Woman.


She’s arriving as Shakti


As she awakens to her true Nature, she begins to witness the deep marriage of Spirit and earth.

She’s learning that the Feminine is called Praktriti or Nature in ancient Vedic scriptures. She is the active, intelligent, creative Divine power underlying the cosmos.

In the scriptures, Prakriti says:

‘There is none but Myself
Who is the Mother to create.’

Prakriti is worshipped as Aditi, the inexhaustible, primordial vastness.
As Adi Shakti, she is primordial power.
As Lalita, she is Divine Play, free spontaneous activity.
As Nature, She is Spirit indwelling in matter.

In the Yogini Tantras, Vajrayogini announces ‘Whenever in the world a female body is seen, That should be recognised as my holy body.’

When she split from Her, she split from her true nature.As she embrace Her back, it is no surprise that she begins to feel her limitless, powerful, playful, creative nature.

Healing the wound of separation from Her is healing of primal pain.

Right now, she’s in prayer: asking Her to arrive into her body, and use it for Her work.