She’s transforming her fear into dance

dance partner

Fear does not define her limits anymore. It is no longer the place where her journey ends. This is not  where her river dries up and the sun never shines.

She is re-defining fear as the edge of the diving board to jump off from, as the starting point to great journeys. Every fear is becoming a calling,. Every contraction is the beginning of a new expansion, a thrill of the unknown.

She has come to sit in a safe space inside herself ~ finally. She’s connecting to her relaxed Shakti that rests in her womb temple. From here she can go anywhere, do anything. Her fear becomes her dare.

The spirit of adventure is awakening in her heart. She’s willing to go to all those places she has only stood on the edge of, till now. All unfinished journeys are on their way to completion. All incomplete songs will now be written and sung.

There is a new space of allowing in her. Her fear is only the outer edge of excitement to try something new. In her new life, her fear becomes her teacher. She is breathing into it, listening to what lies beyond. She’s updating her cellular records that kick off a reaction from historic memory of wanting to create safety. She’s gently asking her fear to let go her old script ~ one that told her that the world is not a safe place. She is safe now ~ and ready to walk through her fears. And thus she removes the veil that was hiding a treasure. It’s funny how, when she does that, her fear transforms into her dance partner.

She’s not afraid of fear anymore!

4 thoughts on “She’s transforming her fear into dance

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