She’s learning to ride her Shakti

durga with her weapons

There was a time when physical strength had nothing to do with power. At the time when men discovered that their physical strength could be used not just for hunting and protection, but also to push others down, the dynamics between men & nature, women and men, men & men, began to change. Slowly,  force came to mean power, and then power became domination. We began to believe that the victor had power, and the vanquished had none.

The more she lost in this game of domination, the more she believed in her powerlessness. Eventually, she totally bought into this illusion.

She is now re-learning that physical strength, control, domination are not synonymous with power.

She is now in a deep process of claiming her power back. For that she is undoing centuries of indoctrination. She’s begun to honour her own insights, her body, her intuition and her inner voice. She is becoming more and more comfortable in her skin. She’s discovering that she knows best what’s good for her, and she’s willing to listen to her own teaching. She is living the paradox that the more deeply relaxed she is, the more power she has.

She is re-learning that true power is called SHAKTI ~ the female principle of divine energy.
Shakti personifies the dynamic, manifesting energy that creates the universe. She is the primordial creative force. Cosmic Energy. Agent for all change. Sacred force. Empowerment. She is present equally in men and women. And her awakening in both is an awe-inspiring phenomenon.

She is discovering with delighted that she is a natural container of Shakti. It re-turns her life.

She is particularly tickled that she has a lion as her ride.


4 thoughts on “She’s learning to ride her Shakti

  1. Thank you! That is exactly where I am at!!!! Going through a divorce, finding my Shakti again!!!


  2. wisdom come to me wen I’m ready to listen and more impportan …wen I’m ready to manifest and use my vessel for that creation thank you for sharing your wisdowm

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