She’s walking into her pain


The Feminine is finally meeting her pain respectfully. Her pain is her oldest teacher. Also the one she’s avoided facing at all costs. Finally, she’s putting her attention there. It is specially hard to stay fully present in it, and not run away.

Her sankalpa is to shift her consciousness. It is coming from a space that is larger than her contractions. Her practice is to continue to breathe into her ‘not knowing’. Slowly, as she experiences her dark, agonising spaces without resistance, it begins to take her through the dark alleys of lifetime after lifetime of victim/aggressor responses. She walks through walls after walls of defences, the lamp of her sacred intent her only companion.

And at the end of the tunnel, she meets love. Intense, blinding, golden, shimmering love. She melts into it.

On her journey back, she brings as much of this love as she needs, and begins to repair her fragmented life, replenish her atrophied arteries, and feeds the cramped and aching parts. Her malnourished parts begin to perk up, & her body begins to shift at a cellular level. Her pain body ~ a companion of lifetimes ~ begins to transform into a glow body. The dull ache in her lower back begins to dissolve and with it, all her collected, calcified anger. The area around her hips and womb begins to soften. Every time she enters deep into her fear without defence, she brings more gold back for her body.

She is eating sacred food. Her trips for gold are becoming shorter, as the love comes closer with every visit underground. Her glow is unmistakable.

She’s choosing love.


15 thoughts on “She’s walking into her pain

  1. Beautifully exprssed….each woman can relate to it. The elegance, softness and kindness etc. are the ingredients of a woman’s substance which can be deeply felt , though not put in words particularlly. Loved it.

  2. I have made the journey to the underworld many times in the course of my life, and reading this post has given me a deeper appreciation for the beauty and the gifts to be found there. As I cross the threshold yet again, I am grateful to be able to let go of my reluctance and embrace the opportunity to bring more love into my life and into the world.

  3. Reblogged this on OMG! Another FGO! and commented:
    Life has presented me with another opportunity to journey into my own depths so that I can grow and learn. As I crossed that threshold yet again, a beloved friend sent me a link to this post. It is changing the way I have been experiencing the descent. May any who read this find comfort for their own journey.

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