Her secret longing


Some days, she deeply connects to an unnamed longing. She does not remember its origin. It can be triggered by a fragrance, a colour, a sound, an expression, a dream or the way the sunlight slants through the trees. She wonders at the exquisite pain of it.

She simply knows that one end of it is connects to her heart ~ and she feels a tug at the other end.She is learning to lean deeper into it. Touching it is like a melting ~ a dissolving of the spaces in her heart. Sometimes it brings tears, and she may cry. Oh! what unrequited love affair is this?

This longing is a remembrance, it does not yet have a name ~ it goes deeper than her memory. She is learning to use it as a compass to show her the way ~ when she is very still, very alert, she can hear its whispered message. There is a mysterious magnetic pull in it.

She too is speaking to her longing. Whoever or whatever is on the other end of it longs for her too. She knows this longing will reveal to her who she really is. Whenever it comes, she feels touched by grace.


7 thoughts on “Her secret longing

  1. I have been seeing some of your posts at Facebook and wanted to come look at your blog, I love it ad have put it on my favorites.
    Thank you, love Maggie

  2. Breath taking. Describes so eloquently what so many are feeling and unable to understand. Thank you for being our compass.

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