She’s walking out of her cage of fear


She’s reeling her power back to herself. Over lifetimes, she had given it away ~ to the parent, the partner, the priest, the politician, to society, to ideology, to her fears and so on. The power to make choices is what she is retrieving. In the make belief free world, her gilded cage was invisible but strong. Every time she hit against the bars, she was bruised.

She’s learning the magic of dismantling her cage. She’s realizing that it was built with her collusion & obedience. Her powerful intent will cause it to disappear. You can see her standing at the edge of her consciousness, taking those new steps in unfamiliar terrain. She’s getting a taste of real freedom.

She’s realizing that another name for freedom is responsibility. This new space has is no place for blame, avoidance or denial. Those are places of powerlessness, and she’s not going there anymore.

Whenever she feels a dip in energy, she is asking herself ~ ‘where did I just give my power away?’, and invariably she will find she has been feeding a fear, a toxic emotion, a victim thought. Mostly it is her fear of rejection.

She’s wondering if she’s overused the word ‘fear’. Could the flutter in her stomach actually be the excitement of not knowing ~ the sheer uncertainty of standing on the edge & contemplating a leap . Her mind cannot help her here. Her heart and her body can.

The more she’s learning to feel safe in her body, the more the risk is  turning into adventure. Feeling safe is her new learning ~ or an unlearning of her caged life.

When she dares, she realizes with awe that the universe has lovingly laid a red carpet for her.


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