She’s facing her demons

ImagePic: Pat Perry

She’s given up battling her demons. She can now see that the demons are her own disowned & denied parts. She had been taught for thousands of years that ‘being nice’ is the best quality of a woman. She was told that only some parts of her were acceptable, & thus began the dis-empowerment, devaluing and dismembering of her psyche. She earned the badge of a ‘star’ nice person in her world. She got rewarded for being good, and punished for being bad. She started collecting medals. Her Shakti was stolen.

She learnt to battle within herself everything that was not sanctioned. So she suppressed it & sadly, the ‘real’ woman never showed up. Occasionally, the wild feral wolf woman emerged ~ to howl at the moon, sometimes to run with her pack.

She is looking at all that was labelled ‘bad, dark, ugly’ in her, re-evaluating all the ‘should’s and should not’s’ and is discovering that her demons as her own denied powers, talents & longings. Even those that chase her in her dreams are perhaps her own parts wanting to re-unite.

The awakening of Shakti is the most powerful emergence on the planet today. She is awakening in the body, heart and soul of every single woman & man who is ready to embrace Her. She’s no longer wasting her energies being at war with her own self, & is embracing every single thing in her. She’s spring cleaning her ‘programme’ and emptying the trash in her head.

She is discovering she is sacredness herself.

She is learning to be the best mother to herself now.


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