She’s changing her neural pathways


She feels fear often. The familiar neural pathway swings into motion bringing the usual body symptoms of contraction & deep unease. Every bit of her is pulled to go the well trodden, habitual route.

She’s standing and breathing on the edge of her lifelong experience. And suddenly ~ she chooses to hold her gaze a little bit longer, to dig in her heels a little bit deeper. She chooses to take a long pause ~ before she says anything, or takes another step. She just stands there, the chaos in her body building into a crescendo and ~ in the absence of a reaction ~the noise collapses into nothing!

She goes over the edge of her fear. Just like that. No drum rolls, no flags waving. She’s jumped off the swing that has been taking her back and forth for aeons. She’s in the air for some time, and then, a soft landing! Gosh! she was always equipped to handle this.

Her neurons are learning to fire differently. This time, a little respectfully, cause finally she is deciding to be the mistress of her show! The covert & tyrannical auto-pilot program is over. Her ability to ‘hold’ her own is increasing steadily.

All she is doing is being present in her fear.


2 thoughts on “She’s changing her neural pathways

  1. each word echoes so truly the way I am learning to handle my fear…and that respect really does make me raise an eyebrow with a smile…i was already indeed equipped to pass across this veil of fear…lovely….eagerly waiting for a level I workshop with you in delhi…

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