She’s reclaiming her Queen

umbrella woman

Many women are experiencing a distinct ‘before/after’ state of being since December 21, 2012. Suddenly, she is tuning in to herself, and specially her body, in a new way.

Integrity seems to have become very important for her & she is unwilling to compromise with her deepest desires. Strangely, its ok being without a relationship or money and not sell herself short. She’s plugging all her energetic leaks.

She’s disconnecting from her captive desperations and connecting to her deepest longings instead. Its her most courageous journey so far.

She’s looking at all the places she had given her power away, and is pulling it all back. Most importantly, she’s learning to walk away from spaces that do not honor or nourish her.

She claiming her Queen archetype big time! She’s romancing herself like royalty. She’s still very vulnerable & new in all this, but she can take heart. She’s not the only one like this in these transition times.


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