She’s arriving into ‘Her’ time


Adaptability is the feminine’s greatest asset. She has swam against adverse currents for long, and has built an awesome survival muscle. She has weathered storms & has lived through horror tales, and then some. She has outlasted it all. At every moment, she has waited for her time. She knew it in her bones that it was coming.

Her wait is over. This time belongs to her. She is quickly unchaining herself. She is dropping her stories, her shame and her guilt. These are mementoes  she can do without. She is losing her memory of her existence in the patriarchy. She is forgetting the victim~ oppressor paradigm.

She is remembering herself at a time much beyond that. When she was priestess, shaman, goddess, witch, healer, dancer, teacher, master, yogi and so much more. She is learning to honour herself, all women and men as soul-mates on the journey home.

You can see her breathing into a deep space within. There is a lot of new (in)formation coming to her now. You can almost see her gasp in surprise at simply ‘knowing’ so much. She is deeply aligning with the universe.

She had insulated herself from her inner knowing for so long, perhaps her trust in herself is a bit rusty. But she’s learning fast that her best teacher is she herself. It takes a lot of honouring of self to drop the external teachers. It is such a delight to see her reclaim herself.


5 thoughts on “She’s arriving into ‘Her’ time

  1. such beautiful words…so uplifting and inspiring…thank you for sharing with the world

    perfect for this time of my life…*my* time – peace and blessings

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