The Fade out ~ Fade in zone


Sometimes, you may see her sitting in her chair by the window ~ housework scattered all over the place ~ just looking out with unseeing eyes ~ beware ~ do not disturb her ~ she’s in an enchanted place ~ she is regrouping her energies ~ connecting to her ‘no zone’ zone. Suddenly, she’s out of her reverie, and back with a new zing. No one knows where she went. Something has fallen into place. She’s back with a sigh.

All women know of this place they visit. It is wired into us. Its a moment when everything comes back together to a magical one-point. We use this fade out, fade in technique even without noticing it. Have you ever met a woman who walks out of her busy office day, walks the block and is back at her desk ~ as if back from a vacation?

Remember to drink from that deep well today.


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