The Goddess of many faces

The Feminine is befriending her shadows. Chances are we’ve kept our fierceness in the shadows, showing up in the world with a sweet face only.

What if we were a goddess of a thousand faces ~ from sweet, to compassionate, to fierce, to deep, to grotesque, to innocent, to wise, to creator, to destructor, to god~~~~~~~~~ endless it is. These are just words on which we had put specific charges ~ some we said were ok, and some not ok.
Time to see it all in us. When we pull back all projections, we are reconstructed. Our projections only took us further away from ourselves. We have been living in a world that was outside. And now, we are pulling all the threads back ~ honouring the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful within. Everything that is here is honoured. Everything ~ just as it is.

We heal all that is split. We embroider ourselves back. Sometimes we are a colourful riot of a patchwork quilt, sometimes the soft flow and dangerous eddies of the river, sometimes wild grass and flowers, sometimes perfume in a pretty bottle. Sometimes a wild storm and thundering rain, sometimes the soft click on the keyboard.

In short, we are so interesting! We never cease to surprise ourselves~ What can happen when we inhabit ourselves fully?Image


One thought on “The Goddess of many faces

  1. Ahhhh I have just found your facebook page and blog. My heart uplifts each time I read on of your entries. Do you have any books published, workshops…..
    Beautiful, inspiring,,,,,, thank you so very much for all you do.

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