The teacher ignites her memory of who she is


The new authentic woman is fearless, shame-less, daring, adventurous, and radiates heart energy. She is audacious to dream a new earth, and the courage to create it.

If she looks for a teacher it will NOT be one who tells her what to do, how to think, or how to pray. She cannot be force fit into a ready-made religion.

It will be one who will remind her of her immensity, her beauty, her power. A teacher who will ask her to take her Fierce Fearless Form to face violence. She will tell her to embrace her Gentle Mother to hold the child, to be the Divine Healer to care for the hurting & wounded, the Wise Mystic to create new dreams and direction, and the Queen to represent authority and leadership. A teacher who will lead her gently to her own well of wisdom.


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