The Choice Point

She’s unlearning surrender.

She used to have a romantic notion about it. Not any more. Even though she’s been on a transformation journey for a while, it still feels scary to visit certain places inside.Her deepening is in her ability to now see that she doesn’t want to see. She’s in a deep interior cave where she’s facing a truth that almost dissolves her bones. Fear jams her mind and body. She’s tempted to take a by-pass.

Standing at the edges of her denial and its pull and push is acutely uncomfortable.

Her body especially is holding her accountable to her Sankalpa. It’s not allowing her the arrogance of control. Control a hard one to let go. In the break-ing down, her body is asking her to pause and breathe, to dissolve her colonised identity. All that is brittle must go. She’s being taught that healing is not a destination.

Surrender is hard, exactly because it is a soft place of acceptance of what is. It asks her to become transparent to herself. It’s asking for greater accountability, even in her dream time. ‘Undo yourself’, whisper the winds.

She’s looking at her choices. Sometimes it seems she’s between a rock and a hard place. The false ground is shaking. Yet, this too is a place of arrival, a holy threshold. She has to whisper the magic words to go through. She trembles. She calls out to the wise woman inside, the one who knows true surrender.

Mystery will unfold. She will unlock a Vital Decision. The mantra will arrive.

May be an image of fire and outdoors

She’s Entering Feminine Time

Pic: Ehtesham Haq

Some say it means slowing down. Well, that’s a spin-off to her process. It’s more like ‘stilling down’.

She’s been simplifying her life, untangling from the prickly brambles of samsara.It’s absolutely vital now that she extricate herself from an overload of commitments, promises, and goals.

By becoming un-possessed and ungrasping, releasing her stories and emotions, even her favourite possessions, she’s lightening up. The knots in her body are dissolving as she’s refusing to be owned by anything. Or shamed by anything.

The empty spaces she’s creating within and around her, nourish her deeply. Spaciousness!

As she dives into the nothingness of her day, she’s becoming lucid. That’s the gift she’s been longing for. It arrived when she stopped chasing it.

Her day is filled with quiet, nourishing pauses. She drops deeply into her silent and uncomplicated day bereft of any ‘shoulds’. Her dream-time is rich and prophetic.

She’s knocking on the door to the realm of Kali’s time. Her heart knows deep reassurance.Of home.

Her quintessence is coming to meet her now. Joyous Woman with Sukhvinder Sircar

She’s building a vibrant immune system

Hemen Majumdar

Do you see her walking towards you now?

The bell that tolls in her womb is finding resonance now in many other wombs. No longer satisfied with hand me down spirituality and hollow compromises, she had set off on a journey to find her own watering hole.

Her Yearning for union with the true feminine was the key that initiated her descent. Her soul-light blazed brightly with this yearning and illumined her underground depths to reclaim her treasure. She did not do this alone. Her sisters stood fierce vigil, singing to her and holding torchlights to light her way down. Their songs comforted her as she foraged through the thorns and brambles, retrieving the lost, denied pieces of her soul, lost in haunted dark spaces. Every time she stepped over her unmet fear, she encountered a demon living in her recesses & retrieved a piece of her power back. The scary, flitting figures in the dark became allies.

As she moves even deeper now, she discovers a dark, quiet river of crystal water. When she immerses in it, she is changed forever. She emerges back from her great underground adventure with a holy glow. Her work, her voice, her walk all reflect this liminal grace.

Each time, her underground builds her a new immune system. She’s becoming resilient and invincible to all that used to crush her spirit before. She takes these breaks to the underground as often as she needs. She requires both, her world in which she’s intensely involved, and the deep dark underground cave of rejuvenation.

Get used to seeing the continuous emergence of her Shakti. Listen carefully, cause she’s the one bringing that message to you.

Joyous Woman with Sukhvinder Sircar

Painting: Hemen Majumdar ‘Woman in Moonlight’

Honouring every woman

girls putting henna

Art:Gopal Swami Khetanchi

So many women look shut down or seem to have inaccessible interiors. They don’t appear to be listening or learning. They would still rather go the unconscious way. You can see that they are hurting themselves by doing so.

It is easy to be impatient when you know you can show her, tell her an easy way out. She doesn’t have to suffer at all. If only she could see. It is easy to be angry & frustrated, and judging her is so easy.

What if she’s guarding a deep fire inside. What if her appearance does not in any way define her potent inner lava. What if she’s waiting for a cycle to end. What if your unspoken pressure became just one more layer on her shield?

No matter how much a stretch it is to see her wisdom, can we honour her life choices. One energy that women have been starved of is honouring. It is much more than understanding or compassion. Something shifts deeply within when a woman is honoured for who she is. Then, inside of us, we give her the space to be all of who she is, no matter her life choices.

If a muscle relaxes inside of you when you do that, it perhaps would relax in her as well. What if her call is simply for you to walk with her, fully embracing her dignity.

Our ‘seeing’ is the cool breeze of change.

The call of the ancient temple bell


temple bell


She’s outing her demons by retreiving her voice.

Of what use is her veil of shame and silence? She’d rather have a magic cape.

She used to bear shame with a sense of responsibility. ‘It’s good for you’, they lied, and she shrank behind it even when it corroded her insides. No spell that’s cast lasts forever. This one’s time is over. Her body is now releasing this toxic shame. The doors through which they walked in to heap more shame have disappeared.

She was born pure and sacred. Her body is a temple. And so is the body of all her sisters. The transition from the shameful one to the sacred one is one phenomenal journey she’s making.

Retreiving her authentic voice is like the ringing of a bell in the dark depths of her temple. Soon, she hears another temple bell at a distance, and another, and a deep resonant chime begins to resound everywhere. Sometimes, the sound is fierce and deafening, and at others, soft and rhythmic. The bell sounds are healing her womb.

The sound waves are creating a new frequency, a new song. All ancient temples everywhere are being restored.

The bells hold a sacred call.

Honouring the #Metoo revolution.

The gift within her gift

woman and crow

Looking to credit the amazing artist

She’s finding the gift inside her gift.

She’s arriving at the place it was concealed, waiting to be found. There was something she had to do first. She had to spend her gift ~ give it generously, abundantly, with all her heart. Offering it was an act of daring, but her gift would have it no other way. She nourished her gift, and it nourished her back. The goodness of it imbued her and her world. Her life and her gift joyously flowed through her. As she dived deeper, her gift shone in its luminosity, fragrance, music and poetic quality.

Her gift guided her to take many pauses, to realign and recalibrate her life. As she became more and more intimate with her gift, it is impossible to tell them apart. She is the gift fully matured. And one cycle of her rich life is ending.

She’s slowing down to listen deeply to what this ending means. Her gift is whispering: ‘here’s a reward for honouring me so deeply. In my centre is your new gift. Let it arrive into your heart now.’

She’s currently in the pause, very still, allowing the gift within the gift to arrive. She’s sensing its very different flavour and fragrance. It feels new, fresh, different. Even though the temptation to continue her rich old life tugs at her sometimes, she’s allowing her old life to slip away through her fingers.

She’s the new vessel for this new arriving. Meanwhile, she is resting, using her hands to tend to her plants, to bake and cook, to paint, to clean her windows. And of course, she’s brewing tea.

This cycle belongs to those who drink deeply from their gift.

She’s spinning back her whologram


Picture by Bertrand Kulik

She’s spinning a new life into her (w)hologram.
Astonishing things are happening as she becomes her natural essence. She’s claiming riches hidden deep inside her earth. Nature is giving her powerful keys to wholeness. The forest holds the secret to regeneration. Her wild, feral side is bringing back to her an intelligence that nourishes her deeply.

In nature, the cycle of birth and death is the mystery of creation. Every state is honoured. No state is forever. A flower gives way to fruit, a dry leaf becomes earth, a new harvest ripens as the seasons turn.. Nature begins new stories effortlessly, and ends others with no resistance.

She too is is dissolving her fear with regard to beginnings and endings, easing into both.She stands powerfully at new beginnings, a new middle and new endings. This brings her great vitality. Her cellular codes now gift her the secret language to revive, renew and restore herself. The hole is becoming whole with her powerful intent. She’s spinning delicate new strands of light, reconnecting her lost parts. She’s being surprised by the allies she’s finding on her way.
The more she allows and surrenders to nature, the more unexpected the ways she’s coming together now. The trick is a willingness to be surprised.

She’s the mistress of reincarnation.

Deep Defiance


She’s redefining Deep Defiance.
It comes from her roots going deep into the earth. There are too many happenings in her world wanting to break her down. Her rootedness makes her unshakable. That is defiance enough. It does not necessarily show up as a fist in the air. Defiance is the maturing of her intractable nature. Some days it is simply a soft melting presence.

Her defiance can be seen in the simplicity of her choices, In the care with which she chooses her fights, in her quiet ‘no’, or her ease in saying  ‘I differ’, no explanations, no apologies.

Her defiance is in her capacity to be un-shame-able. What would have brought her down now now deepens her resilience. Her anger, when it burns, is well placed and well focussed. All action is informed from the womb of the earth. She needs no other confirmation for what she knows.

A woman, sitting relaxed, choosing inner peace over neurosis, seems like a very defiant woman. A woman, seeing the design behind the design of the chaos, seems very daring.

She is incorruptible, though the world would call her incorrigible.

Joyous Woman with Sukhvinder Sircar

(searching for the name of the photographer of this beautiful image)


The Female Gaze.


Tony Luciani’s picture of his mother

Hers is the gaze of the creatrix. Life and beauty on earth deeply engage and energise her.

She sees a lot more than you can guess, and her gaze is one of attached love. She sees with a thousand eyes, all of them in love, all of them committed. Her steadfast gaze (rooted in love and commitment) does not shy away from the brokenness in the world.

The brokenness longs to be seen. She looks deeply into the faces that hold quiet despair, shards of dreams still embedded in their eyes. She ‘takes in’ all the disrepair and heals it in her heart and womb. She repairs,soothes and honours with fullness of her acknowledging what is. In a world that is heaving with turbulence, she is the steady ship. In quiet unseen ways, she transmits her deep seeing to the world. Almost imperceptibly, something begins to shift.

Her broken open, sensitive heart keeps her gaze soft. With a tender ferocity, she holds invisible possibilities safe in her womb, where new life begins. Her imaginal cells are sourced from the very core of the cosmic egg.

The intensity of what she knows is incubating the seed. Her womb, that is also the Great Void, is tuned into the secret laws of creation. She simultaneously straddles the world that exists, and the one that is to come.

Of course you can’t see it yet. It’s still a grand conspiracy.


Every day she learns that the opposite of divide is divine.

The sacred feminine is walking with her towards unity consciousness. Meeting the Goddess was the key to see the union of things. There She is, the heart of matter! Just like that, all the illusions of duality began to peel away. She is beginning to see separation is an artificial construct of the mind.

Her world is starting to mend and meld in magical ways. She is entering a process of gathering back all that she had cast away. She had lived in a world divided by race, colour of skin, money, education, culture and more. While her inner world is embracing her shadow, her outer world is healing the split. The more she meets herself inside, the more she meets each one outside. Her outer world is not categorised into first, second or third world. The word elite is being erased. It is a journey to hold an ‘equal’ gaze. She is meeting everyone where they are, with honour and respect.

Meeting the goddess is a quantum jump in her evolutionary journey. And her awakening is an infectious process.

She is uniting that which was broken, joining back that which was split.

She’s embodying the true meaning of yoga.